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We arrange finance for:

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Do you need a new car, to upgrade your existing car, or a personal loan for something special?

The Accelerate Group can find you a loan for just about anything, whether it be to upgrade your car, go on the holiday you’ve always wanted, funds for a wedding, to buy that ski boat the kids want, or funds for personal improvement.

We can help you find the car loan, or personal loan that is the best fit for you.

  • Need a new car…? We can help
  • Want a new car…? We can help
  • Need a new truck…? We can help
  • Want a new truck…? We can help
  • Want a motorbike …? We can help
  • Want a boat…? We can help
  • Want a caravan…? We can help

Let us help you to:

  • Calculate how much you can borrow
  • Get a quick approval
  • Find the best loan for you
  • Provide assistance from our Car Buying Specialist to take the stress out of trawling through thousands of cars

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